How to become responsible


A sense of responsibility is an important character trait, that helps you on the way to success. Responsible people are appreciated and esteemed; therefore, it is necessary to foster this quality in yourself. How you can do that - find out from the article.

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MMM news digest — 13.11.2017


Welcome, dear friends! :-)) Another week of November has ended, and today we will make a summary the past events. You will get to know a lot of interesting information about thing happened in the last seven days on our MMM planet.

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How to write about MMM. A short step-by-step guide.


Earlier we have already recommended on how to tell the people about MMM properly that they wish to join the Community. In this article there is a brief step-by-step guide that will help consolidate all the recommendations.

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Bitcoin to Remain Undivided: Segwit2x Hard Fork Cancelled


Dear members! Bitcoin will not be split into 2 chains. It will remain undivided and continue on its current course of development. This was communicated in the joint official address by the Segwit2x lead developer, Jeff Garzik, and other leading advocates of the hard fork. They have dropped this idea.

Former advocates of Segwit2x stated that their aim was scalability improvement and they never wanted to split the Bitcoin or hinder its growth and full-scale development. Therefore, they have renounced the idea until the entire Bitcoin community agrees unanimously on the need for such improvement.

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